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Inspection and testing methods of automobile air-conditioning compressor

Time: 2015-07-04

  Today.our manger Yu describe some Inspection and testing methods of automobile air-conditioning compressor.

The compression efficiency of detection of the compressor, without dismantling the system must be connected to the manifold gauge set three tests. When there is a certain amount of refrigerant in the system, the engine accelerates, then the low pressure gauge pointer should be decreased, high pressure will be significantly increased, the greater the throttle, the greater the decline pointer, indicating good performance of the compressor; if the acceleration Low table pointer slow decline and fall marginally, indicating low compression efficiency of the compressor; if the acceleration low table pointer almost no reflection on the description of the compressor simply no compression efficiency.The easiest parts of the compressor shaft seal leakage is (also for seals). Because of the high-speed rotary compressor often, higher operating temperature, seal parts prone to leaks. When the clutch coil compressor and chuck parts have traces of oil, which would certainly seal the leak.Air conditioning and refrigeration market experts believe is likely to cause damage to the compressor of the main reasons the following:1, dirty air conditioning system, particulate impurities sucked into the compressor;2, the system refrigerant or lubricating oil in excess, cause the compressor "liquid hammer" and damage;3, operation of the compressor operating temperature is too high or too long;4, compressor oil, badly worn;5, an electromagnetic clutch for a compressor temperature is too high friction slipping;6, the power configuration of the compressor is too small;7, the compressor manufacturing quality defects.

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